How I rate films

Here in Norway we rate movies based on 6 points, in the form of a dice. I am not a fan of this system, but doing 5 stars or 10 stars isn’t much better. What exactly is the difference between a 4 and a 5? Even worse when you add decimals like certain publications – IGN – what exactly does 8.75 mean?

So I decided to change things up a bit. So here is how I will rate films on this site:

  • Opening night –  Run see the movie as soon as humanly possible. These films usually deserve multiple viewings.
  • Matinée –  Worth to see the film in a theater, but better to save some money and see it right before it stops playing.
  • VOD – Bad film, little to no value in it, but maybe worth watching on a Sunday evening when there’s nothing better to do.
  • Avoid like the plague – Every movie deserves to be seen, except this one. Your film’s bad and you should feel bad.

See you at the movies.

– Geek With An Afro.